Presse How would you design a road map for Talent Management?

The Chamber organized the above titled seminar in co-operation with True Colours HR Solutions Ltd. on 27th May 2008 at the Foreign Correspondence Club. It was met with an enthusiastic response within a few days after the flyer went out. On the day, there were about 30 guests who actively participated in the event. The presenters were Ms Susanne Sahli and Mr. Benny Wong, both highly experienced corporate executives and now executive coaches.

The seminar focused on the process of talent management summarized under the 3 B’s:

Buy, Build, Bind. These describe the need for clear definition of “talent” and how to identify it, how to build the structures and processes for developing the people and finally how to retain them. It discussed how corporations manage these issues and the way True Colours can support their efforts.

The guests were asked to feedback their interest in the subjects under
discussion and most were interested in the assessment tools and workshops that True Colours offers. The event ended with an enthusiastic note of thanks from Ms Eva Karlberg from the Chamber to all guests and True Colours (

Foreign Correspondence Club

A light breakfast was provided by True Colours.

Download: roadmap_for_talent_management