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Hello Expat

Erfolgreich fern der Heimat: BILANZ spricht mit Susanne Sahli aus Hongkong über das Image der Schweiz, Fettnäpfchen, Gepflogenheiten und Jogging in der Fernost-Metropole.

Mediazone – Are you in tune?

Many local and foreign brands are discovering a whole new world of value when they partner with Swiss firm TRUE COLOURS. Meet the team that's making a huge difference.

BULLETIN Swiss/Chinese Chamber – Leadership Development in China

Benoit Consulting & True Colours - business partners from Switzerland and Hong Kong - are both human resource consulting companies which focus on assessment services, management development, coaching and training to help professionals and companies to best achieve their potential. They have set up offices in Bern (Switzerland), Hong Kong, Shanghai and Guangzhou and provide services for multinational firms and medium-sized companies as well as government departments in Switzerland and China.

True Colours – Successfully integrating new team members – is it luck or is it an art?

Just as in a new marriage, the first months for a new employee is critical to consolidating the relationship. As in a marriage the work needs to come from both sides and it doesn’t stop there! How do you bring the cultures of two families together? How do you deal with inquisitive but well intentioned in-laws? What is needed for this to be a long term, happy and successful relationship?